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Lisa Ray


Captivating model, actress and popular TV hostess, Lisa Ray, like Rado’s sophisticated and innovative timepieces, continues to win the hearts of communities all over the world. As Rado’s loyal brand ambassadress for five years, Lisa has indeed carried the Swiss brand’s watches with style and elegance. Her interest and passion for watches grew under the influence of her father who became an avid collector after a vacation (and purchase) in Switzerland. Later, her association with Rado further intrigued her fascination towards design, aesthetics, mechanisms and innovation in watchmaking – areas where Rado has achieved commendable success.

When asked which Rado style she prefers, Lisa says, “every time I settle on a favourite, Rado comes with a new model which is more innovative than the previous one. This makes the choice a tough one.” Commenting on Rado’s success in innovation in materials and design, uniqueness and out-of-the ordinary look, Lisa says, “I would love to think that some of Rado’s qualities best describe me and my career… I have had a fairly long career for someone who is a model and I also do not consider myself mainstream. I have also made several innovative and non-conformist choices in my career. You evoke strong reaction among people only when you are strong minded and strong willed.”