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Modern AlchemyTang Wei and CEO Matthias Breschan unveiled seven brand new watches

Rado launched its brand new DiaMaster models, inspired by the theme of “Modern Alchemy”, at a glamorous event today at the Pace Gallery in the Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, China. Rado CEO Matthias Breschan was joined by brand ambassador Tang Wei as they introduced guests to the magical and extraordinary world of plasma high-tech ceramic.

On an early summer evening, surrounded by twinkling lights, guests entered the mysterious and futuristic world of Rado’s modern alchemy. Beakers, flasks and test tubes, combined with misty smoke, replicated Rado’s alchemical lab. Commenting on plasma high-tech ceramic, a material first used by Rado, CEO Matthias Breschan stated: "This is a truly revolutionary and futuristic material. With a warm grey metallic lustre, achieved without the use of metal, this ceramic possesses all the advantages of white or black high-tech ceramic—scratch-resistance, lightness and hypoallergenic comfort. These extraordinary qualities make for an incredibly satisfying wearer experience."

Plasma high-tech ceramic shows Rado’s ground-breaking innovative spirit as well as its unwavering status as master of materials. Plasma high-tech ceramic can be found in the brand’s most popular watch collections, including the DiaMaster, HyperChrome and True.

During this launch event Rado unveiled seven brand new DiaMaster plasma high-tech ceramic watches: two brand new DiaMaster Grande Seconde models; two men’s automatics; and three beautiful women’s automatics with mother-of-pearl dials, two of which are set with diamonds.

Tang Wei made an elegant appearance wearing her new DiaMaster plasma high-tech ceramic watch, having chosen a model with a beige leather strap and 12 diamond indexes, which was a perfect match with her graceful gown. Commenting on her new timepiece, the award-winning actress and Rado brand ambassador said, "Ever since I joined the Rado family last year, there has been a strong bond between my high-tech ceramic watches and myself. The watches are extremely comfortable to wear, versatile and glamorous. In my view, a plasma high-tech ceramic watch is without doubt a must-have. The unique colour of its metallic shine works with any outfit, and with all the different models available in the material, there is a watch for everyone and every occasion. These are the 'little black dress' of watches."

The celebration also saw Rado launch its the first TV commercial featuring Tang Wei. The entrancing new video shows the magical creation of the Rado HyperChrome Diamond in plasma ceramic, with Tang Wei in the role of a mythical muse looking on as it takes shape.