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Every Second Counts!Oris releases new timepiece in tribute to Darryl O'Young's tenth Macau Grand Prix race

Engineering and excellence lie at the heart of Oris' design process. Dedicated to supporting the precision sport of motor racing for over 40 years, Oris are proud to present the new Darryl O'Young Limited Edition in honour of a GT track legend.

A racing enthusiast since childhood, Hong Kong based driver Darryl O'Young has successfully risen through the racing cars ranks to become one of the most decorated and celebrated GT drivers of all time. A major milestone setter in Chinese motor-sport, 2013 saw O'Young take his famous number 55 BMW around his beloved Macau Grand Prix home track for the tenth time.

Part of the Oris TT3 family and packed with motorcar inspired features, the new Oris Darryl O'Young Limited Edition embraces racing car aesthetics into its anatomy. To highlight O'Young's achievements at Macau, a bold red 10 and accentuated 55 are proudly displayed on its dial face. A ceramic tachymeter top ring pays tribute to Darryl's speed and an intricate spoke design, inspired by the wheels of his BMW, adorns the transparent crystal on its case back.

A must have collectors piece for fans of Darryl O’Young and motor sports enthusiasts alike, the Oris Darryl O'Young Limited Edition is the perfect tribute to the man who has driven Asian motor sport into the fast lane.