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Flying above the famous Mount FujiMilestone flight: Jetman's First Flight in Asia

Yves ‘Jetman’ Rossy has completed his first flight in Asia choosing the iconic Mount Fuji, Japan as a symbolic backdrop for this milestone flight.

Flying above the famous snow-capped peak, at up to 185mp/h (300km/h) looping and rolling with his jet powered carbon-Kevlar® wing, Yves Rossy enjoyed a unique perspective of the famous landmark most people only see from the ground, or simply from TV and photos.

Yves Rossy commented: “Flying here for me is a dream. It is such a contrast flying free with just a wing on my back, compared to being enclosed in a cockpit as an airline pilot. It is hard describe the emotions and feeling of having an opportunity like this, it’s spiritual, it is immense. I am the lucky guy who gets to do this, but I hope I can motivate the next generation of forward thinkers to do something different, to strive and achieve their goals… even if it seems impossible.”

Following the recent tour of the Breitling Jet Team in Japan, Breitling, a watch brand synonymous with aviation, is pleased to support these outstanding achievements, which are part of activities marking the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relationships between Switzerland and Japan.