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Support for the Swiss Heart Foundation, and the Hearts of Children initiativeFrédérique Constant und Türler Uhren & Juwelen held Charity gala dinner

The “Hearts of Children” charity gala dinner, held on 27th August in Zurich, was a resounding success. 60 illustrious guests responded to the invitation of Messrs Türler, Directors of Türler Uhren & Juwelen and Peter and Aletta Stas, Founders and Directors of the watch brand Frédérique Constant. They all turned out to support the Swiss Heart Foundation and the “Hearts of Children” initiative.

The World Heart Federation is dedicated to working with national heart foundations – such as the Swiss Heart Foundation in Switzerland – in the fight against heart disease and strokes as the leading causes of death worldwide. Swiss watch brand Frédérique Constant has been working since 2009 alongside charitable organizations involved in the fight against heart disease. The brand is currently supporting the World Heart Federation’s “Hearts of Children” international awareness-raising campaign. The focus of these activities is on preventing disease in women and children. The aim is to increase awareness of the importance of cardiovascular diseases and of the risk factors, so that fewer people are affected by or die from preventable cardiovascular diseases.

In order to support the project locally, Frédérique Constant organized a charity gala dinner in aid of the Swiss Heart Foundation and the “Hearts of Children” initiative in conjunction with renowned Zurich watchmaking specialists Türler Uhren & Juwelen at the Savoy Hotel Baur en Ville in Zurich. Franz Türler, owner of Türler Uhren & Juwelen, reminded his guests that the premature loss of loved ones due to cardiovascular disease is something that can strike any one of us. It was thus vital that he support Peter and Aletta Stas from Frédérique Constant in their commitment to the World Heart Federation and the Swiss Heart Foundation's international “Hearts of Children” initiative. The World Heart Federation was represented by CEO Johanna Ralston and the Swiss Heart Foundation by its President, Prof. Ludwig von Segesser, Director of Cardiovascular Research at Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), together with their Managing Director, Therese Junker. In his evening lecture, Prof. von Segesser impressed upon his audience the often tragic fates of children with cardiac problems, but also pointed to what research has already achieved in this area and the promising developments that lie ahead.

Aletta Stas, Founder and COO of Frédérique Constant, stated, “We are delighted to have organized this charity gala dinner for the Swiss Heart Foundation. We are also happy that we have been able to raise awareness among couples and families concerning this important and relevant topic on this occasion. It should be understood that most risk factors are behaviorally influenced. Heart attacks and strokes are the leading causes of death in Switzerland and the main reason for non-congenital disability. If, through this event and other events we have co-organized around the world, we can contribute to a greater recognition among our guests of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for the cardiovascular system, we will be more than satisfied.”

Thanks to the generosity of Türler Uhren & Juwelen and Frédérique Constant, together with the proceeds of the raffle, the Swiss Heart Foundation received a check for CHF 22,890. The generous sums donated by guests will be added to this total. Half of the total will go towards research funding in the field of congenital heart disease and awareness-raising and education of women as part of the Women & Heart activities of the Swiss Heart Foundation.

Standing shoulder to shoulder, Frédérique Constant, Türler Uhren & Juwele, the Swiss Heart Foundation and the World Heart Federation aim to give more hope and shared time to the families affected.