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The supermodel posed for a photo sessionCindy Crawford opens the first OMEGA store in Buenos Aires

In keeping with the steady expansion and positioning of the Swiss luxury watch brand in Argentina, Cindy was accompanied by President of OMEGA Stephen Urquhart as she cut the inaugural ribbon, posed for pictures inside the new store and signed the case of an OMEGA Constellation watch. The supermodel has been an OMEGA Ambassador since 1995.

Cindy visited the new store in Patio Bullrich, a boutique clearly aligned with global corporate guidelines for OMEGA stores worldwide. The supermodel then posed for a photo session and met with national and international media.

“I’m very happy to be here and really surprised by people’s warmth and by the reception I’ve had. In my role as OMEGA Ambassador, I’ve been able to visit many places and Argentina is really a very demonstrative country and they’ve made me feel great and very loved. I have excellent memories from this trip,” said Cindy.

Inside the OMEGA Patio Bullrich Boutique

The Patio Bullrich store’s entire design concept is consistent with OMEGA Boutiques around the world. It powerfully but subtly communicates the unique nature of time: flowing without interruption in one direction but ever-changing (at least as most of us understand physics).

It has been conceived around the themes of four key elements: the sun, water, earth and, of course, time. The sun is represented by the brilliant lighting illuminating the products in the show window. A stroke pattern above the displays casts shadows and reflects light – a perfect depiction of clouds gathering water to generate rain. Vertical tracks express rainfall and the rain, in turn, symbolizes time which is never still and which never returns in exactly the same form. Finally, below the displays, chiselled and silvered glass suggests an exposed cross section of the earth which reveals history and time.

When visitors enter the newest Buenos Aires OMEGA Boutique, they will be warmly greeted by a staff whose members can provide expert advice and consultation on 163-year-old watchmaker’s entire product line. 

OMEGA’s finest products are presented in display cases and wall cabinets which are finished with “champagne gold” glass upon which OMEGA’s logos and markings have been applied with an acid-etching technique. The display cases are controlled by a magnetic sensor locking system so no keyholes interrupt the elegant flow of their lines.

The counter showcases are finished with exotic brushed anigre wood. The glass and woodwork surfaces have been exquisitely crafted to fit smoothly and seamlessly together.