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A child’s smile!Hans-Jörg Milse

A variety of highly creative offers!Frank M. Bürgin trades for a child’s smile!

It was a very unusual offer which the owner of the watch manufacturer Montres Charmex SA – Frank M. Bürgin – made the fans of TrustedWatch on Facebook. He offered two new luxury timepieces for barter. Within a very short time the first offers came in and the fans of TrustedWatch proved to be more than just creative: an African spear, pictures of kids, a cake and a surprise package were among the offers.

It wasn’t easy for Frank M. Bürgin to chose – he decided for Mrs Gitte Frenzel and Mr Hans-Jörg Milse. Mrs Gitte Frenzel will get the ladies’ watch DIAMOND PARIS in exchange for one year of daily good-luck text messages sent to a severely ill child and Mr Hans-Jörg Milse will get the CX Swiss Military Watch HURRICANE in exchange for one day spent as a clown at the children’s oncology ward in a hospital in Switzerland.

“Frank M. Bürgin has made a very good choice!” – so the opinion of Dr. Klaus Adam who is very happy that Frank M. Bürgin has chosen to help children in need.