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TrustedWatch wishes Merry Christmas ...

... and a Happy New Year! TrustedWatch wishes Merry Christmas ...

(12/2017) Dear Readers, We would like to thank you very much for your loyalty and wish you a wonderful and relaxed Christmas party with your loved ones. For the new year, we wish you luck and health and in 2018 again lots of fun and excitement with TrustedWatch, your watch portal for watches and luxury watches!

Win a Frédérique Constant luxury watch! TrustedWatch begin their watch competition

(06/2012) Starting immediately, TrustedWatch will be holding a monthly watch competition in which the participants can win elegant and high-quality watches. During the next few months, luxury watches by Frédérique Constant Genève, Omega, and Rolex, as well as many other watch manufacturers will be up for grabs on TrustedWatch.

Comprehensive preliminary reporting BASELWORLD 2012: Final preparations are running at full speed

(02/2012) For months now, the hotels have been booked, the interviews and filming schedules arranged, and the film and video equipment for the BASEL12 report is already in Switzerland. The "advance team" is to meet in Basel from mid-February to make all of the necessary preparations for the BASELWORLD 2012 in order to create the logistic and technical conditions for the extensive reporting schedule.

A positive start in Poland TrustedWatch cooperates with a leading watch club and a luxury magazine

(01/2012) The Polish version of TrustedWatch is developing more than positively after only a few weeks. User feedback regarding the free offer of information is excellent, and in particular, it's watch lovers and watch collectors that have been inspired. The most impressive occurrence: The most important watch club in Poland, "Klub MiłośnikówZegarów i Zegarków", has sealed an official partnership with TrustedWatch Poland.

A successful watch year draws to an end. TrustedWatch wish you a joyful and reflective holiday season!

(12/2011) An exciting and successful "watch year" is drawing to a close. The watch branch is rushing from record to record, and the signs point to further growth. There were never more people involved in the German and Swiss watch industry, and full employment is the rule here. More and more watch manufacturers are producing their own movements, mainly on account of the pressure instigated by the Swatch Group, and so the offer of interesting timepieces, to the joy of the watch lover, is becoming ever greater and more varied.

Here we go! TrustedWatch starts in Poland

(11/2011) Just in time before Christmas starts the Polish version of TrustedWatch. In just a few months thousands pages of text have been translated and updated. From now on is the unique range of TrustedWatch also in Poland available. For Poland, this type of comprehensive free coverage about watches and timepieces is new.

High Visitor Frequency and Fan Loyalty TrustedWatch Facebook Fans are really active

(11/2011) The TrustedWatch Facebook presence is growing ever more popular. Currently, the TrustedWatch site has over 133,000 Facebook fans. 64,366 of these were active in the first seven days of November, which is pretty much 50% of the total number of fans! In October 2011, over 108,000 fans were registered on the Facebook page, and 2,059 of these were communicating with one another about TrustedWatch. These figures mean that TrustedWatch's visiting numbers are well above comparative internet offers from similar sectors.

The more danger, the more honour. TrustedWatch are calling dubious traders to account

(10/2011) The TrustedWatch reports and their strong positioning in the watch sector are a thorn in the side of many dubious traders in the watch branch. Over and over again, the black sheep try to legally hinder or stop TrustedWatch reporting about them. Up until now, none of them has managed this, and thus some of these types are resorting to foul methods.

TrustedWatch traffic volume is higher than expected TrustedWatch is now IVW tested

(09/2011) Since August 2011, the traffic to the German-language online offers from TrustedWatch has been identified and authenticated by the IVW. With 436.423, the determined access figures for August for TrustedWatch were even higher than those previously published by TrustedWatch, which amounted to only 400.000 Unique Users.

Secure the best price when buying a watch Sell brand-name and luxury watches for top prices

(09/2011) You would like to sell your used Rolex, Omega or Breitling for a top price? To do this, up until now, private watch sellers had the problem of contacting the individual watch traders and hoping for a good price from what they hoped would be a serious trader. Now that's all in the past!

Over three million article views in 4 weeks TrustedWatch: New record set on Facebook

(08/2011) The performance of the modern communities, such as Facebook, are better than anything that TrustedWatch managing Director Frank Ammann could have imagined from the internet. The fact that the magic 3 million article view mark on the TrustedWatch Facebook site has been surpassed is unbelievable, especially as it was during the summer months, in which the internet experiences fewer users.

2,841,084 article hits in 4 weeks TrustedWatch ever more successful on Facebook

(08/2011) The new social community angle adopted by TrustedWatch is subject to ever greater and growing popularity. The TrustedWatch Facebook site registered more than 2.8 million article hits over the last 4 weeks, with 119,943 monthly active fans. Particularly interesting is the average number of article hits which a fan registers per month. At TrustedWatch we registered 23.6 hits per fan per month. A real top score!

TrustedWatch starts up in Poland! Wojtek Wojtkowski is going to be the new Editor in Chief of Eastern Europe

(08/2011) At the beginning of September 2011, Wojtek Wojtkowski starts his new job as Editor in Chief of Eastern Europe with TrustedWatch. Over the past few days, TrustedWatch Managing Director Frank Ammann was able to convince the studied Germanist and renowned watch expert Wojtek Wojtkowski to take on this new position. Mr. Wojtkowski speaks fluent Polish, German, English and Russian. As well as his passion for watches, he is also interested in photography and foreign countries.

Michael Winter: I `m a man with well a taste… Welcome: Michael Winter

(08/2011) As of August 2011, the lawyer and renowned watch enthusiast, Michael Winter, will regularly write columns and contributions for TrustedWatch.  As a lawyer, his experiences and knowledge, especially in the areas important for watch collectors and watch buyers, such as sales law and consumer rights, will be published here at TrustedWatch.

The number of users and fans is growing out of all proportion TrustedWatch continues on a course for growth!

(07/2011) The latest figures from the last few weeks carry an unequivocal message. The new TrustedWatch Facebook presence has registered more than two million article hits from over 70,000 fans from the 25th of June to the 24th of July 2011. The influx of new fans on Facebook remains constant, even if the feedback has decreased slightly, by a figure of 10%. The fact is that nearly all TrustedWatch Facebook fans call into TrustedWatch at least once a month, and well over 50% of these hit on the site at least once a month, or even weekly.

Interesting article about fake and copied watches New Men’s Lifestyle Portal believes in TrustedWatch

(07/2011) Have you heard of the new men’s lifestyle portal at The portal belongs to T-Online, Germany’s largest internet portal network, which, with, is continuing the verticalisation trend. When it comes to the subject of watches, the editors at base their trust on the know-how and expertise of TrustedWatch.

The number of English-speaking users increases dramatically. For the first time; over 10,000 Unique Users per day at

(07/2011) The high international fan figures on Facebook have had a very positive effect on the access figures of the English-speaking TrustedWatch site and the international watch market on>>>>>>>>>>. On the 17th of July 2011, the figure of 10,000 Unique Users was registered for the first time on, and these access figures continue to rise in the watch market. Together with the German-speaking offer, TrustedWatch currently receives visits at the rate of approx. 25,000 Unique Users per day.

In just a few days! 160.000 hits for the most expensive watch on the watch market

(07/2011) These are very impressive figures, even for the watch sector. Over half a million hits on Facebook were registered by TrustedWatch from the 2nd to the 8th of July, 2011. Front runner was the report on the most expensive watch in the TrustedWatch watch market - a Breitling Bovet - with more than 160,000 "hits"! These access figures for the advertisement of a used watch break all international watch sector records to date.

Current News from the Watch Sector Google News secures TrustedWatch the best search results placing

(07/2011) Since the introduction of Google news in 2002, the significance of news texts has continuously risen on the internet. In the area of the so-called "General search“ a special significance is attached to news texts. According to subject area, 1 or 2 of the most popular Top 10 orders by results are faded in topically from the Google news area.

New design and even more functionality Successful relaunch: Welcome to TrustedWatch

(06/2011) The re-launch of TrustedWatch is evident. The new design shines with black on white, combined with a fresh blue. In addition, there are more images and video information, as well as even better user guidance. Also radiating out of the new design are the free services of and These have useful functions such as a zoom function for text, and reinforced integration and communication on social network sites.

Facebook presence becoming ever more popular TrustedWatch fans come from over 120 countries

(06/2011) Up until now, the German-speaking fans and users of TrustedWatch were clearly in the majority, and most of the international users came from North America and Great Britain. Thanks to the successful Facebook presence, the fans and users of TrustedWatch come meanwhile from more than 120 countries. A strong increase in fans and users was registered in particular in East Europe, Russia, as well as by Arab users. But also fans from countries like Brazil, Finland or New Zealand have discovered TrustedWatch via Facebook.

The Countdown has started! Relaunch of TrustedWatch in a few days

(06/2011) The most extensive relaunch of TrustedWatch up to now is approaching. In a few days, the largest German-speaking internet site on the subject of watches and luxury watches will be presenting a new design and layout. There are many innovations and alterations which will be introduced gradually during the summer months.

BASELNEWS 2011 Record breaking: BASEL11 – the film about BASELWORLD 2011

(03/2011) Finally it's ready! Over 1,000 minutes of raw video material for the BASELWORLD 2011 film are in the can and have been processed, sifted and edited during the fair. The result: BASEL11 – the film about the BASELWORLD fair, with a total length of 200 minutes. In a unique marathon, the little and large personalities of the watch sector have been interviewed by Editor in chief Dr. Klaus Adam and his team directly at the BASELWORLD fair, and have placed their corresponding brands and watches in focus.

BASELNEWS 2011 TrustedWatch reports on a daily basis from BASELWORLD

(03/2011) In the run up to BASELWOLRD, TrustedWatch reports like no one else online about the most important watch fair in the world. Lots of reports about new watches, exhibitors and trends will be presented exclusively in advance on TrustedWatch. At the moment, the editorial staff are occupied with reporting daily about the happenings at BASELWORLD. Over 100 reports and announcements have already been published as BASELNEWS, 2 days after the start of the watch fair on TrustedWatch.

Lots of prizes to be won! TrustedWatch Facebook start-up

(03/2011) TrustedWatch is now represented on the social networking site Facebook. The aim is to get directly in contact with the users of TrustedWatch and to receive their feedback regarding our activities. The dialogue with the user is a part of a communication strategy in which we want to be open to suggestions and criticism in order to continuously improve the information flow, as well as the free offers from TrustedWatch.

Acknowledging social and community responsibilities TrustedWatch supports the German Red Cross

(03/2011) The German Red Cross is able to perform its work as one of the largest relief organisations in Germany only with the support from various sectors of the population. In consideration of the latest natural disasters in Japan, Haiti and Pakistan, the German Red Cross is in greater demand than ever.

Only a few weeks left until the start of the Trade Fair BASELWORLD 2011: Reporting begins on TrustedWatch

(03/2011) On the 24th of March 2011, the BASELWORLD 2011 will begin. As every year, TrustedWatch begin several weeks before the start with their exclusive reports. In numerous news and reports our users can find out everything about the largest watch and jewellery fair in the run up to the event.

Long live the clever copyists and the fraudsters! Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg: Not a good example to the watch sector!

(02/2011) Real watch collectors are a demanding sort. For them a watch is only genuine if all of the parts are original. Not only this. All of the service work must be carried out in compliance with the manufacturer, and only a complete service history protects against depreciation. Even the smallest inconsistency or discrepancy in its history or an irregular servicing can lead to a considerable loss in value. And it's even worse when it comes to collector's watches. If just one part is not original, a high-quality investment becomes a nice watch that might still be valuable, but nothing more.

Free insurance up to 10,000 Euro value Watch purchases from the watch market now with buyer protection

(01/2011) The time has come! As of January 1st, 2011 watch purchases from the TrustedWatch watch market are insured up to a value of 10,000 Euro. This means for more than 95% of watches from the TrustedWatch watch market the purchase price is fully insured. The watch buyer merely needs to request buyer protection in writing beforehand and will then receive a personal insurance code for his watch purchase. All information pertaining to the new buyer protection can be found in our watch market.

Still more service and exclusive special conditions TrustedWatch will assist in finding the right watch

(12/2010) As of now, TrustedWatch offers even more free service-options to provide even more comprehensive and better information to all users when purchasing a watch. For all reports on watch designs, you can now directly request additional brochure and information material concerning the desired watch with just one click and if required, you can make an appointment for a personal demonstration. For potential watch buyers this means no more painful searches on the Internet and maximum comfort when looking for that personal desired watch.

New Buyer Protection by TrustedWatch As of 2011: Purchase watches online even more securely

(11/2010) The watch market at will become even more secure as of 1 January 2011 due to the new free Buyer Protection! As of next year, TrustedWatch will compensate up to 5,000 Euro in the event of damage or loss when purchasing a watch at High security standards and comprehensive regular reviews of suppliers help to enable this unique and free insurance protection for watch buyers on the international watch market.

TrustedWatch: Both compulsory and optional at the same time for the watch industry and watch trade Watch brands and watch manufacturers believe in TrustedWatch

(11/2010) Over the last few months, there has been virtually not one week during which a current watch manufacturer not yet affiliated with TrustedWatch did not seek collaboration and cooperation with the largest German speaking watch portal. Like no other medium of the watch industry and watch trade, TrustedWatch with its offers in German and English, has succeeded to consistently enthuse more and more people to purchase wrist watches and luxury watches online and to link these sustainably to the information pack issued by TrustedWatch.

50 watch dealers have already been rejected Safety goes first: The watch market on TrustedWatch

(11/2010) The watch market on is surely one of the best offers for prospective customers and potential buyers of high quality brand watches and luxury watches on the Internet. Therefore, a presence on is the first choice for internationally operating jewellers and watch dealers. However, due to the very interested audience in watch dealers at TrustedWatch, more and more black sheep keep trying to sell their watches on TrustedWatch.

WatchRankingAward for the winners! Watch rankings from TrustedWatch determine the best websites in the watch industry

(09/2010) The companies in the watch industry invest a great deal of money and normally do not spare any costs when it comes to drawing attention to their brand and services.  This is also reflected in the presence on the Internet. Effective immediately, TrustedWatch will be determining the watch rankings each week for the websites of the watch industry, divided into watch factories, watch manufacturers, watchmakers and jewellers. The best websites and the most successful achievers of the year will then be annually awarded with the „WatchRankingAward“.

The visitor counts are increasing Watch-Portal TrustedWatch is becoming more and more popular!

(06/2010) At first glance, it is surprising with which continuity the visitor counts to TrustedWatch increase month after month. Meanwhile at least 10.000 unique users* call up the content of TrustedWatch per day. It is also remarkable that the average user calls up over 10 pages and stays on TrustedWatch around 15 minutes. These values, which are far above those of other comparable Internet appearances, are witness to the quality of the offer on the one hand, and on the other hand they also show how strongly the users of TrustedWatch are interested in the topic watches.

Bienvenue! Welcome! 歡迎! Willkommen! Benvenuto! 반갑습니다! Bienvenido! Buy and sell watches in over 20 languages – the watch market by TrustedWatch

(04/2010) The enthusiasm for watches and timekeepers is international and everywhere, watches are traded in all languages of this world. In order to meet the constantly increasing visitor numbers on TrustedWatch and the wishes of our users, the watch market is available not only in German and English, but as of today, also in over 20 languages. Thus, the watch market of TrustedWatch reaches the most important business and culture regions directly and without detours.

BASELNEWS 2010 TrustedWatch presents: BASEL10 – the film about the BASELWORLD 2010

(03/2010) For the first time, TrustedWatch.TV presents the movie about the watch fair BASELWORLD 2010 already during the fair. Two camera teams and several reporters of TrustedWatch.TV were present in the fair halls under the direction of chief editor Dr. Klaus Adam to capture the newest developments, backgrounds, trends, and opinions for BASEL10 – the film about the BASELWORLD and produce a unique movie.

BASELWORLD 2010 TrustedWatch starts BASELNEWS 2010 with all watch novelties & exclusive reports

(03/2010) For thousands of visitors from all over the world, the BASELWORLD is the most important branch occasion of the year: From March 18th to March 25th, 2010 the world fair for watches and jewellery opens its gates in Basel. Almost 2.000 exhibitors present their products. The pre-reporting by TrustedWatch about the BASELWORLD 2010, the largest watch show of the world has been going on for weeks already. But still, some manufacturers succeed in keeping their novelties secret to the last minute. But at the latest on the first day of the fair, all watch manufacturers will proudly present their innovations!

The countdown started! TrustedWatch at the BASELWORLD 2010

(03/2010) For months now, the preparations at TrustedWatch have been underway for the worldwide largest branch event of the watch industry, the BASELWORLD 2010. TrustedWatch wants to pamper its watch-loving users with extensive interviews, articles and reports from the BASELWORLD 2010 this year. "Reporting in this dimension and in this quality has never been done before about the BASELWORLD", says Dr. Klaus Adam, chief editor of TrustedWatch happily.

Free advertisements TrustedWatch supports earthquake aid of the German Red Cross

(01/2010) Rubble, hunger, and death: The devastating earthquake on January 12th, followed one week later by yet another, hits Haiti especially hard as one of the poorest and weakest countries of the world. The emergency aid of the German Red Cross has been running at full power ever since.

Always up to date! Watch portal TrustedWatch starts own RSS-feed

(01/2010) In our striving to offer our users even more convenient functions, TrustedWatch started an own RSS-feed in the framework of the relaunch. The simple and personalised display and especially the integration into different programs and tools makes it easier for our users to get exactly the information they need.

A full success! Relaunch of TrustedWatch is a full success

(01/2010) Already a few hours later, the reactions of our users and readers to the relaunch of   TrustedWatch were impressive! Over 100 congratulations and comments reached the editorial office. The reaction was positive all the way through and characterized by enthusiasm. This was a very special thank you to all that had contributed to the most extensive optimization of TrustedWatch there had ever been.

The Top 30 watch brands on TrustedWatch Rolex in front of Swatch, Cartier and OMEGA

(01/2010) As main medium of the watch branch, TrustedWatch addresses people that deal with the topic of watches for professional and/or private reasons. Time and again, the editorial office of  TrustedWatch is impressed and positively surprised by the specialist competence and the expertise of our users that is visible in the many emails, phone calls, and letters. The high affinity and competence of our users also shows itself in the top 30 watch brands that were searched for by the users of TrustedWatch in the year 2009.

Highest possible information content Watch trade fair and watch auction categories in a new layout

(11/2009) TrustedWatch is changing. Starting a few weeks ago, adaptations and renewals have been being conducted on TrustedWatch. Currently, the categories watch fairs and watch auctions are being revised. In the new design of the categories, an attractive web design as well as a simple user guidance were main factors in the conception. The previous adaptations are the forerunners for a large relaunch in spring of 2010, on time for the BASELWORLD.

More and more users at Available everywhere: Information about watches

(10/2009) Started in July 2009, is developing to an international market leader in the mobile Internet for the watch sector. After only a few weeks, over 1.000 Unique Users are using the free mobile information offer, in the German language, on a daily basis. In addition, there are several hundred inquires for the English version.

Top right – Print, send, feedback New functions: Tell us what you think!

(10/2009) The new functions „Print“, „Send“ and „Feedback“ are blended in at the top right corner of every article on TrustedWatch. They give our users even more options and guarantee ideal information processing! With the feedback function our readers now also have the option of contacting the respective editor and the editorial office of TrustedWatch fast and directly.

Social bookmarking services TrustedWatch fully embraces social networks

(09/2009), Mister Wong, Yigg: Social bookmarking services are helpful Internet navigation aids which offer the possibility to determine the relevance of information on the Internet. Links bookmarked or recommended by many users are rated “good”.

A new look TrustedWatch is now even more structured and informative!

(08/2009) In the coming weeks, TrustedWatch will become even more modern, informative, and attractive. Design optimizations will unify the look and improve the usability and readability yet even more. Numerous renewals in content will be realized in different topic areas, reps. existing offers are expanded and extended.

The future has begun is online

(07/2009) Current news, offers, dates – you will find everything that is important and up-to-date from the world of watches on>. TrustedWatch is the first media enterprise with focus on the watch industry to use the .mobi domain – the first web domain to deliver the Internet to mobile devices.

Multilingual range of information International focus

(07/2009) In the German-speaking area, TrustedWatch is in undisputed first place on the Internet when it comes to watches and timepieces. No wonder since you can find virtually every small and big watch brand on TrustedWatch. Our range of brands goes from A as in A. Lange und Söhne to C as in Chronoswiss and O as in Oris to Z as in Zenith. TrustedWatch presents watches and timepieces on such a high level and in such an exclusive atmosphere like no other website.

Passion for watches Welcome: Michael Brückner

(06/2009) Michael Brückner, 50, has been working as financial editor and publicist for 30 years. After writing for several daily newspapers and magazines, he started his own business in 1995, opening offices in Ingelheim near Mainz and Lindau on the Bodensee. Brückner discovered his passion for watches very early in life. When he was a young editor intern, he began saving for his first Swiss luxury watch. His collection has grown considerably in the course of time.

Biggest video-on-demand portal about watches Now more than 1,000 videos about watches on TrustedWatch

(04/2009) These days, TrustedWatch has achieved a significant milestone: more than 1,000 videos are now available at any time on the timepiece portal. That makes TrustedWatch’s video library WatchVideo Germany’s biggest video-on-demand portal about watches. Our goals are to offer the best films and videos about watches, organized and cataloged by category, for free and provide an excellent overview through innovative functionality.

Official partner of Google News TrustedWatch opts for Google News

(04/2009) Since April 2009, the watch portal TrustedWatch is official partner of Google News. The partnership enables Google News users to access articles and news in a quick and easy way. Google News is an automated news aggregator that collects headlines from 700 information sources worldwide, groups similar articles together and displays them according to each reader's personalized interests. It is available in 43 countries and in more than 20 languages.

Up-close TrustedWatch at the BASELWORLD 2009

(04/2009) From 26 March to 2 April 2009, TrustedWatch presented up-to-date coverage on an unprecedented scale from the world’s biggest event of the watchmaking calendar, BASELWORLD 2009.  Every day, the users of the timepiece portal TrustedWatch could catch up on the watch show with numerous articles, reports and coverages. News and information were spread through the Medium Internet in a fast-paced manner unprecedented in the watch industry.

Directly on site TrustedWatch at the BASELWORLD 2009 with BASELNEWS

(03/2009) On 26 March 2009, the Swiss Federal Council Pascal Couchepin will open the largest international watch and jewellery show, BASELWORLD 2009. The Swiss Interior Minister’s presence emphasizes the great importance the World Watch and Jewellery Show has, especially for the Swiss industry. In spite of the economic crisis, in the watch sector there were never so many exhibiting companies on such a large area as this year.

Most renowned timepiece portal TrustedWatch on course for growth and success

(12/2008) TrustedWatch remains on course for success: With an average of more than 50,000 unique users* per month, the international timepiece portal TrustedWatch reached a new record level in 2008. Our wide range of information has attracted and fully convinced thousands of new users on a sustained basis. The main reasons for the steadily increasing number of users are the professional editorial and interactive services and the continuously growing watch marketplace launched in summer 2008. We are offering currently more than 5,000 brands and luxury watches.

First multimedia watch magazine TrustedWatch the watch magazine - now with videos of watches!

(10/2008) Welcome to the world of videos of watches! With our new category “videos of watches”, TrustedWatch is taking watch passion to a whole new dimension. We show you the best films and videos from the world of watches. Moreover, we provide you with this unique service completely free of charge! The mixture of brands, technology and lifestyle topics, presented in an always surprising way, makes our new category so attractive., Mister Wong, LinkArena New on TrustedWatch: Social Bookmarks

(10/2008), Mister Wong, Link Arena: Social bookmarking services are useful Internet navigation aids. Here users share interesting finds or create bookmark lists. TrustedWatch is now offering direct links to the best services on all pages. This bookmark service is an alternative to storing your bookmarks in the browser.

Purchasing watches safely on TrustedWatch Breitling, Cartier, Hublot, Rolex & Co. at discount prices?

(10/2008) Online trade with brand name watches is booming, but also security concerns are growing among the potential customers. Pending hazards like for example deception with fraudulent watches, replicas or fakes are the largest barrier for online purchase for most internet users according to current surveys.

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