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Current News from the Watch Sector Google News secures TrustedWatch the best search results placing

(07/2011) Since the introduction of Google news in 2002, the significance of news texts has continuously risen on the internet. In the area of the so-called "General search“ a special significance is attached to news texts. According to subject area, 1 or 2 of the most popular Top 10 orders by results are faded in topically from the Google news area.

New design and even more functionality Successful relaunch: Welcome to TrustedWatch

(06/2011) The re-launch of TrustedWatch is evident. The new design shines with black on white, combined with a fresh blue. In addition, there are more images and video information, as well as even better user guidance. Also radiating out of the new design are the free services of and These have useful functions such as a zoom function for text, and reinforced integration and communication on social network sites.

Facebook presence becoming ever more popular TrustedWatch fans come from over 120 countries

(06/2011) Up until now, the German-speaking fans and users of TrustedWatch were clearly in the majority, and most of the international users came from North America and Great Britain. Thanks to the successful Facebook presence, the fans and users of TrustedWatch come meanwhile from more than 120 countries. A strong increase in fans and users was registered in particular in East Europe, Russia, as well as by Arab users. But also fans from countries like Brazil, Finland or New Zealand have discovered TrustedWatch via Facebook.

The Countdown has started! Relaunch of TrustedWatch in a few days

(06/2011) The most extensive relaunch of TrustedWatch up to now is approaching. In a few days, the largest German-speaking internet site on the subject of watches and luxury watches will be presenting a new design and layout. There are many innovations and alterations which will be introduced gradually during the summer months.

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