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50 watch dealers have already been rejectedSafety goes first: The watch market on TrustedWatch

The watch market on is surely one of the best offers for prospective customers and potential buyers of high quality brand watches and luxury watches on the Internet. Therefore, a presence on is the first choice for internationally operating jewellers and watch dealers. However, due to the very interested audience in watch dealers at TrustedWatch, more and more black sheep keep trying to sell their watches on TrustedWatch.

In order to further increase the safety on our watch marketplace, the requirements for the admission of suppliers have continued to be increased in the past months. In the case of the most minor doubts or problems with customers, which TrustedWatch learns about suppliers from the past, applicants are denied participation. In the year 2010 alone, there have already been 50 applicants who have been rejected. The result of this very strict course of action is one of the safest international marketplaces for luxury goods on the Internet. So far, in selling thousands of watches, not one single customer has been double-crossed by a participating watch dealer and in the case of smaller problems which developed, a fair arrangement for the customer was always found.

Free consumer protection as of January 2011

For director Frank Ammann, the marketplace TrustedWatch is proof of successful and safe trade on the Internet. In order to further increase the safety for watch buyers, Frank Ammann is announcing a consumer protection for all watches purchased via as of January 2011. What this precisely means is that in the event of a claim, the customer is insured through TrustedWatch up to 5,000 Euros. And, as in the case of all services from TrustedWatch, this is completely free of charge for users.