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The visitor counts are increasing Watch-Portal TrustedWatch is becoming more and more popular!

At first glance, it is surprising with which continuity the visitor counts to TrustedWatch increase month after month. Meanwhile at least 10.000 unique users* call up the content of TrustedWatch per day. It is also remarkable that the average user calls up over 10 pages and stays on TrustedWatch around 15 minutes. These values, which are far above those of other comparable Internet appearances, are witness to the quality of the offer on the one hand, and on the other hand they also show how strongly the users of TrustedWatch are interested in the topic watches.

It is pleasing that the worldwide access has been increasing over-proportionally, this being largely due to the offer on the watch market,,  being available in more than 20 languages on. More and more international users find TrustedWatch this way and discover the opportunities of this unique watch portal.

A not insignificant number of users ultimately find their way over the many domains within the watch branch, which are operated by TrustedWatch. Self explaining domains like,, or guarantee that the offers of TrustedWatch are found extremely well by the search engines and the users.

For Manager Frank Amman it is clear: „TrustedWatch is on the best way to becoming the international number 1 for all topics concerning watches. After TrustedWatch has taken over complete market leadership on the German-speaking Internet, it is now time to better develop important key markets of the watch branch such as China, Russia, and the Arabic region.“

*Unique User is a measurement dimension for the usage of a website that states how many single users a web offer had in a certain period of time. If a user calls up several pages of an offer, it counts as one Unique User. Only if the user calls up the page again after a certain period of time the visit is counted a new Unique User.