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A new lookTrustedWatch is now even more structured and informative!

In the coming weeks, TrustedWatch will become even more modern, informative, and attractive. Design optimizations will unify the look and improve the usability and readability yet even more. Numerous renewals in content will be realized in different topic areas, reps. existing offers are expanded and extended.

Some pictures and texts are enlarged and many navigation elements are optimized in detail. All in all the Internet appearance is cleaned up and broadened in order to offer the users even better orientation with the modernized interface.

„Due to the revision of TrustedWatch in the coming weeks the portal will be even more informative, modern, and visually more high-grade. The entire layout will be carefully revised, and of course, new elements and columns will be available“, explains Frank Ammann, Manager of TrustedWatch. And more: „ shows a new look, refines its profile as the online watch specialist magazine and again proves its claim as number 1 and main medium of the watch branch with numerous new developments.“