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Now on the air worldwideTrustedWatch TV – the first German language timepiece channel

It is now possible to “watch watches” around the clock. The renowned watch portal TrustedWatch has launched the internet channel “TrustedWatch TV”. The innovative portal is entering new dimensions and further extending not only the market leadership of TrustedWatch, but also its claim to being the main medium of the watch industry. TrustedWatch is starting its program just in time for the important watch exhibitions Inhorgenta and Baselworld 2009. In the future, viewers will be presented with a wide range of exciting and informative segments from the fields of watches, lifestyle, society and watch technology.

"TrustedWatch TV illuminates the world of watches from various perspectives and gives the audience the chance to experience the manifoldness of the watch industry”, explains Frank Ammann, CEO of TrustedWatch GmbH. The editor in chief, Dr. Klaus Adam, adds: "For us TrustedWatch TV is a cutting- edge communication channel, which sees itself as a TV channel that accounts for the steady merging between conventional TV and the internet.” In addition, he says “the mixture of brand, technology and lifestyle topics presented in an informative way is what makes TrustedWatch TV so attractive.” TrustedWatch TV boasts of its interactive Web 2.0 features and an innovative control concept. The viewer can hereby compilate his own TV program and recall it worldwide per login. Moreover, it will soon be possible to download the videos via iTunes onto portable multimedia players such as the iPod. To further optimize the offer, the former field of watch films which are to be found in the new watch media library will continue to be extended in the near future. Thanks to catchphrasing, also known as tagging,  along with intelligent search filters, it will be easy to track even older segments. This free offer is unique in the worldwide watch industry!

“The future of TV is in the web” is a slogan of TrustedWatch – especially if it is linked with elements of participation for the viewer. “This form of market communication is more and more gaining in importance because of two advantages,” says Frank Ammann. He adds that “the contents can be exactly tailored to the viewer’s interests, they are on-demand offers.” Offering products through WebTV, TrustedWatch successfully harmonizes the viewing habits of conventional TV with the new possibilities of the internet.