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High Visitor Frequency and Fan LoyaltyTrustedWatch Facebook Fans are really active

The TrustedWatch Facebook presence is growing ever more popular. Currently, the TrustedWatch site has over 133,000 Facebook fans. 64,366 of these were active in the first seven days of November, which is pretty much 50% of the total number of fans! In October 2011, over 108,000 fans were registered on the Facebook page, and 2,059 of these were communicating with one another about TrustedWatch. These figures mean that TrustedWatch's visiting numbers are well above comparative internet offers from similar sectors.

For Managing Director Frank Ammann, these figures are impressive proof that TrustedWatch is by far and away the leading online watch medium in Europe, and able to register more and more excited people as sustainable and permanent fans. In particular, he's been glad to observe the new watch friends and fans from Poland, who will be able to enjoy their own fully-fledged TrustedWatch Polish language website at which will be ready in a few days.

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