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The new logo!TW

New design and even more functionalitySuccessful relaunch: Welcome to TrustedWatch

The re-launch of TrustedWatch is evident. The new design shines with black on white, combined with a fresh blue. In addition, there are more images and video information, as well as even better user guidance. Also radiating out of the new design are the free services of and These have useful functions such as a zoom function for text, and reinforced integration and communication on social network sites.

The Facebook presence, begun only a few weeks ago, was completely reworked within the scope of the re-launch, and has been augmented with many useful features. With more than 50,000 fans, it has, over a relatively short period of time, become another important tool in the TrustedWatch expansion and communication strategy.

The international watch market on was not only adapted to the new design, but was itself redesigned to be even more clear and informative. The aim is to increase market share in the international trade of used luxury watches to the point of becoming market leaders within the next two years. To further this aim, the watch market is being enlarged this year with more, useful information.

All-in-all, over 300,000 euros have been invested in the new web site, the new Corporate Identity and the new logo. Up until the end of the year, manager Frank Ammann expects a similarly high investment sum for the realisation of additional planned innovations. "With the re-launch of TrustedWatch, we now offer the watch sector a unique communication platform“, adds Frank Ammann.

"It is the most extensive re-launch of TrustedWatch up until now“, explains Editor-in-chief Dr. Klaus Adam. And he adds: "The new design is unique worldwide in the watch sector, and it underlines the ambition of TrustedWatch to attain the rank of market leader.“