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True showpiecesBUBEN&ZÖRWEG

Precious values remain high in demandBUBEN&ZORWEG present a positive balance of BASELWORLD 2010

The BASELWORLD 2010 closed its gates for the last time on 25 March – reason enough for BUBEN&ZORWEG to look back on a very pleasing exhibition week with many faces gazing in amazement at the company's innovations. An extraordinarily high number of visitors were very interested in the masterpieces of innovative craftsmanship from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG. Experts confirmed the clear commitment to uncompromising perfection. The feedback on the latest Limited Editions that offer passionate collectors who are at home in the world of luxurious values outstanding opportunities to invest in true showpieces was particularly enthusiastic and positive.

The Solitaire Orbit Tourbillon as the coveted centrepiece

The impressive Solitaire Orbit Tourbillon proved to be an absolute star as an outstanding OBJECT OF TIME®. It unites everything that quickens the pulse of the passionate collector of precious values: from the fascinating Orbit Tourbillon in the FINE TIMEPIECE to the high-security safe to the high-fidelity stereo system from a leading German manufacturer. From the high-tech humidor to the integrated bar to the TIME MOVER® units that present the owner's collection of watches in an appropriate ambience. Only a select few will be able to call this masterpiece of craftsmanship their own – the Solitaire Orbit Tourbillon is available in a Limited Edition of 75 pieces.

Innovative masterpieces "all around the clock"

The eye-catching PHANTOM HIGH FIDELITY, available with either four or eight TIME MOVER® units depending on the chosen design, caused quite a stir among its beholders. The base of this exclusive showpiece houses a German-made, MP3 compatible high fidelity stereo system; an LED light system rounds off a design inspired by the sleek elegance of formula racing cars.

The PARAGON ORBIT TOURBILLON, another masterpiece from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG was designed for lovers of unusual wall-mounted clocks. This elite wall-mounted clock also carries the Orbit Tourbillon on the tip of its minute hand, a real show stopper for aficionados of high-precision mechanics taken to the extreme. It is also another collector's item – limited to an edition of just 25. The ELLIPSE TOURBILLON with its world time clock on the rear and rotating base is also limited to an edition of 25 pieces; an especially luxurious version with mother-of-pearl inlay and gold or rhodium housing will be manufactured for just 10 passionate collectors. Precious walnut wood distinguishes the noble appearance of the VANGUARD CONNOISSEUR WALNUT whose stylishly elegant housing holds 18 TIME MOVER® units, a humidor and a safe, all of which are complemented by high-quality Italian leather manufactured as skilfully as the masterpiece itself.

Innovative improvements to details and variations in the selection of precious materials and designs distinguish the new versions of classic BUBEN&ZORWEG models such as the COLLECTOR 16 and 32 DELUXE, PROGRESSION, SAFE MASTER and COSMOPOLITAN.