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OMEGA in New York - New Boutique to open on Fifth Avenue

On April 4th, OMEGA comes to New York City. Its new flagship store at 711 Fifth will be the 51st OMEGA Boutique. The company’s entire product palette will be on offer. The flagship store is an important part of OMEGA’s retail strategy. In December of 2000, Nicolas Hayek, the Chairman of the Swatch Group, made a bold announcement at the grand opening of the first OMEGA Boutique in Zurich. OMEGA’s ambitious goal, he said, was to extend the corporate boutique network to include 50 retail shops devoted exclusively to OMEGA products within ten years. OMEGA met that target in 2008.

When visitors enter the OMEGA Boutique, they will be warmly greeted by a staff whose members are specialists in the 161-year-old watchmaker’s product line. Display and sales areas are on each side of the ground floor towards the front of the store. There is also an enclosed area where VIP guests can view the products undisturbed and at an unhurried pace.

Beyond the sales areas are special displays with showcases featuring OMEGA’s brand ambassadors on one side of the hall and selections from the Fine Jewellery and Fine Leather collections on the other. Many of these products are available exclusively at OMEGA Boutiques. There are also presentations dedicated to special launches and to seasonal products.