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A fire broke out in the galvanic departmentFire at ETA in Grenchen put out

At Sunday the 29th of december 2013 at around 8:45 A.M. a fire broke out in the galvanic department of the main building of ETA Manufacture Horlogère in Grenchen. While the workshop has been entirely destroyed, nobody was harmed.

There was no activity in the workshop at the moment of the incident. Thanks to the swift and efficient intervention of the ETA-internal fireworkers and the fireworkers of the town of Grenchen, the fire could not expand to the neighbouring workshops. The fire was under control at 09:30 A.M. and put out shortly after.

The reasons of the incident are not yet known. The damages caused by the fire are considerable. It is nevertheless too early today to put a figure on the damage. As a measure of prevention and due to the heavy smoke the Police of Canton Solothurn have informed the population.