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Glashütte shows its green sideNOMOS Glashütte has proven that time can be environmentally friendly too

How well does NOMOS Glashütte manage its water and energy supplies? How sustainably is waste disposal carried out? How does the company handle rinsing solutions and oils? The answer is: excellently. This is why NOMOS Glashütte was awarded the Ecoprofit seal in Dresen on June 17.

The Ecoprofit committee has exacting standards and carried out a thorough inspection of the company during their visit. The inspection was part of the joint project Ecoprofit, or Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology. The city of Dresden is running the project in co-operation with Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), the Dresden Chamber of Trades and Crafts, and the Saxon State Ministry of the Environment and Agriculture. Over the course of a year, companies are advised on issues regarding environmental management, business processes are analyzed and potential improvements are developed. Those companies demonstrating environmentally sound business practices are then awarded the “Ecoprofit company” seal.

Such as NOMOS Glashütte: the watchmaking company has been actively engaged in improving sustainability. For example, NOMOS saved over 50,000 kWh of electricity and 150 tons of CO2 last year alone – as a result of switching to renewable energy and reusing the heat generated as a by-product of production. Thanks to the help of the Ecoprofit project, NOMOS Glashütte was also able to discover its remaining weak spots and close the gaps in its environmental protection program. Now the watch producer is a certified Ecoprofit company and has been accepted into the Saxon Environmental Alliance.

Stefanie Liebschner, Head of Procurement and in charge of the NOMOS environmental team, is delighted: “My fellow team members and I have learned, thanks to the project workshops, how many opportunities we have to work in an environmentally sustainable manner and bring NOMOS right up-to-date. And it’s worked really well.”