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A shared passion for fine detailNew partners: ARMIN STROM & TECHART

The ARMIN STROM Watch Manufacture is delighted to be collaborating with a new partner and renowned presence in the world of exceptional manufacturers.

TECHART is a globally renowned in the domain of automobile individualisation, with specialty expertise in refining Porsches. Based in Leonberg, Germany, the company is now collaborating with the ARMIN STROM Manufacture, to co-create timepieces in a partnership inspired by a shared passion for fine detail.

The models ARMIN STROM Manual TECHART and ARMIN STROM Racing Carbon TECHART, represent the fruits of this collaboration. These two watches translate the TECHART approach to the world of fine watchmaking - a domain where the miniscule and the complex go hand-in-hand, resulting in exceptional levels of finishing that enthral all those who admire and adore exceptional objects. Whether at the steering wheel or on the wrist, a passion for beautiful design and high-tech materials become one and the same dream, embodied in the ARMIN STROM TECHART collection.