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Manhunt for a burglar with police sketched picture

The police of Hamburg are searching for a burglar, who burgled two houses early Wednesday morning (29.11.2006) and was able to escape unrecognised with his haul. In the former case, the burglar was surprised by the owner of the house and escaped from the crime scene. In the second case, the unknown person roused the residents, threatened them with a knife and demanded money.

At about 01:35 a.m., the delinquent tried to trespass into a one-family house in the Mittelweg by drilling open the terrace door. When he did not succeed, he broke open a window and got in. After the unknown person ransacked the closets and bureaus on the ground floor, he opened the door to the bedroom. Thereby, the 61 year old tenant and her husband woke up and the delinquent absconded with a purse and credit cards.

At about 03:15 a.m., the same delinquent trespassed into a house in the Karlstraße by drilling open the terrace door. He searched the accommodations and took money, credit cards, a mobile phone and a digital camera from the doffed clothes. After that, the delinquent went into the kitchen, took a knife and entered the bedroom, where the residents (51 years and 61 years old) were sleeping. He threatened the 61 year old man with the kitchen knife and demanded to open the safe. Out of fear the victim responded to the demand and the delinquent took money and jewellery, amongst others two high-valuable watches by the brand Cartier and Rolex amounting to about 50.000Euros. The delinquent stored the stolen goods in two sports bags which he found in the house. Afterwards he absconded over the terrace.

The delinquent is between 25 and 35 years old, 175 – 180 cm, is of slim to sportive build, has a young and neat face, narrow lips and a cultivated appearance. He wore light coloured outerwear and black-white trainers. The detectives of the central investigation commissariat 63 have taken on the investigation. The police sketched picture of the delinquent is attached as a file to this report. Witnesses who can give hints about the man please contact the state Office of Criminal Investigation of Hamburg, Tel.: 0049-404286-56789