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JUMBO JET XXL EditionAristo

Two traditional Pforzheim manufacturersARISTO and Bethge & Söhne are presenting their jointly developed pilot's watch

Since renowned watch manufacturers are beginning to concentrate on their respective strength, joint ventures are becoming more and more common in the watch industry. A typical example of such collaboration is the “original B-watch” of the “German air force”, a classic among the pilot watches.

When two traditional Pforzheim manufacturers collaborate, the outcome must be absolutely presentable as well. It is the first product which was made in cooperation with Bethge (founded in 1939) and Aristo (founded in 1907) and the name of this watch series already says it all: JUMBO JET XXL Edition.

The JUMBO XXL by ARISTO & Bethge & Söhne is a 55mm in diameter pilot watch. The 24 mm-long second hand, which was originally made for a dial gauge, the 24 mm-wide strap and the 10 mm-thick onion crown definitively mark the models of the JUMBO XXL Edition as strikingly masculine.

Wolfgang Bethge, co-partner of the Richard Bethge GmbH, proclaims: “We designed the dial and the case on explicit demand of men with big wrists and collectors. We use it exclusively for the JUMBO JET XXL series”. After several advance orders from collectors all over the world, Hansjörg Vollmer, CEO of the Aristo Vollmer GmbH asserts: “Already nowadays the JUMBO XXL-models rank among the classics of tomorrow, which are absolutely worthy for collection.“

Aristo modified the dark sandblasted stainless steel case. The designs of the two dial versions Bethge & Söhne offers meet the requirements of the "German Airforce" for the "B-watch" (observer watch).

In a few months Bethge & Söhne will launch a Jumbo XXL with a pocket watch movement of Unitas. Hansjörg Vollmer already has announced that he will add another version with a Russian pocket watch movement of Molnija, which has already been known to connoisseurs in Western Europe for decades.