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Fake Watches!

Identical in size and shape Infringement against FORTIS copyright!

The FORTIS B-47 CALCULATOR Automatic was the recent example of an impudent falsification. The case is identical in size and shape following the FORTIS original and houses a quartz movement. Altogether most characteristics are almost identical, such as the typical FORTIS B-47 CALCULATOR “watch face” with its turnable inner ring. The dial figuration is optically resembled, luminous florescence is missing.

Even the case back and crowns were decorated using the FORTIS logo, which is legally protected in order to achieve an authenticity as high as possible. The crowns are smaller in size and polished, the bi-directional turning bezel isn’t fixed with 4 screws and in opposite to the original the fake’s turning bezel is stepless. The temperature scales on the case back are wrong, smaller and without  the symbols of Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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