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BASELNEWS 2010Lotus Ceramic Collection - Inspired by the material of the 21st century

In a world where trends are continuously changing, Lotus introduces its most avant-garde collection. This new range of watches has been inspired by the material of the 21st century: ceramic. The Lotus Ceramic collection is a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, quality and revolutionary material. Ceramic has a sensual feel. The stylish finishing reflects intensively the colour.

The Lotus Ceramic collection is designed for both men and women, with a wide range of three hand models, which catch the attention thanks to the innovative and futurist design of the cases and bracelets. Once again, Lotus surprises everyone with these models, products sprung from the union of creativity and care for detail. These watches leave their mark on each moment with elegance, style and design.

Lotus Ceramic is made up of a variety of models combining ceramic and steel, rectangular or square cases, clear dial faces with a light texture and index or Arabic numbers. Available in different colours like white, black or blue the ceramic inserts on the striking bracelets match perfectly with the dials and the rose, black or steel cases. These elegant fashion ceramic and steel watches are an invitation to enjoy time.