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Eight timepieces

Meticulous enamel craftsmanship matches legendary watchmakingLaunch of the Master Ultra Thin Enamel “Qing Dynasty” Collection in Hong Kong

Jaeger-LeCoultre, in partnership with the Chinese Arts and Crafts (HK) Limited, has unveiled a limited edition collection called Master Ultra Thin Enamel “Qing Dynasty”. This Jaeger-LeCoultre “Qing Dynasty” Collection draws its inspiration from the art of the eponymous dynasty in Chinese history, and includes masterpieces of two famous painters, Ju Lian and Yun Shou Ping, masters of the illustrious Lingnan School of Painting.

To launch this exquisite Collection, Jaeger-LeCoultre co-hosted an exclusive event with Chinese Arts and Crafts showcasing a special display of magnificent antiques from the Qing Dynasty in its boutique in Pacific Place, Hong Hong.

A set of eight exquisite timepieces, the Master Ultra Thin Enamel “Qing Dynasty” Collection is one of the finest examples of absolute refinement and attention to detail so dear to the great master enamellers of the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre. Enamelling is indeed one of the métiers rares of traditional watchmaking and Haute Horlogerie,carefully nurtured in a particular workshop at the Grande Maison in Le Sentier, Switzerland.

To create the Master Ultra Thin Enamel “Qing Dynasty” Collection with true renderings of artist Ju Lian and Yun Shou Ping’s works, the master enamellers of the Manufacture painted layers upon layers of enamel to give an exceptional perception of depth and intensity. The richness of chromatic variations, almost secret perspectives and nuances beneath the shiny surface of the enamel can only truly be appreciated by gently shifting the timepieces under a direct source of light. Thus, connoisseurs will appreciate the craftsmanship when the vivid scenery and lively butterflies and bees of Ju Lian and Yun Shou Pings simply come alive.