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The Fascination of Time – Bringing Time to LifeThe German Watch Museum Glashütte welcomes its 10,000th visitor

On 31st July, just two months after its opening, the German Watch Museum Glashütte welcomed its ten thousandth visitor. Marie-Thérèse Rousset, accompanied by her husband Philippe, came to Glashütte to learn more about the history of the fine art of watchmaking in Saxony. While in Dresden, the two tourists from France heard about the new museum dedicated to the topic of time and made a spontaneous decision to take a trip to the nearby Müglitz Valley, site of the Glashütte manufactory.

At about 1pm, Dr. Frank Müller, Managing Director of Glashütte Original, and Markus Dressler, the Lord Mayor of the town of Glashütte, welcomed the lady from Paris – who was visibly moved – as the 10,000th visitor and surprised her with a bouquet of flowers and champagne. She was also presented with another gift and permanent souvenir in the form of a book about the history of timekeeping in Glashütte. The occasion prompted Markus Dressler to remark: “I am glad that we are now welcoming more and more international guests to our watch museum.”

Dr. Frank Müller also gave a pleased response. “The lively interest from both home and abroad demonstrates, after only two months, that the foundation’s exhibition concept was the right one. From the very beginning, our aim has been to create a museum of time which is of fascination to watch lovers and connoisseurs, and which also appeals to the general public. We meanwhile estimate that the watch museum will attract up to 50,000 visitors yearly.”

In accordance with the exhibition’s motto, “The Fascination of Time – Bringing Time to Life”, the Watch Museum illuminates not only the fine art of watchmaking, but also facilitates an emotional and philosophical access to the phenomenon of time itself. Consistent with the goals of the foundation “German Watch Museum Glashütte - Nicolas G. Hayek”, Glashütte Original has developed an exhibition journey which conveys the rich history of Glashütte as well as aspects relating to the sensation of time and its measurement. This project was made possible by the support of the Swatch Group and the town of Glashütte.