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Way of precisionA. Lange & Söhne

Master watchmakersA. LANGE & SÖHNE AKADEMIE has been opened

Nothing remains more firmly implanted in our memory than what we have experienced ourselves or – better still – created with our own hands. Who ever visits the Lange factory and been allowed to look over the shoulders of the master watchmakers as they perform their highly concentrated and extremely complicated work, begins to understand just how much in the way of precision and, above all else, passion, goes into a watch that bears the signature of “A. Lange & Söhne”. This insight led to the idea of founding the “A. Lange & Söhne Academy” for appointed dealers. It is her aim to equip the watch retailer with greater competence when advising customers, and to help him to give knowledgeable answers to the frequently very detailed questions asked by well-informed potential purchasers.

As a company specializing in the manufacture of exclusive and highly sophisticated mechanical timepieces, with an extremely selective network of only 140 appointed dealers worldwide, Lange depends on the quality of the retailer’s knowledge and advisory ability more than virtually any other manufacturer. The most vital requirement for this is an excellent knowledge of watchmaking at Lange. Now the company’s own Academy has been disseminating this knowledge since 30 July in a purpose-built and equipped building. The courses last several days and cover a three-phase curriculum in which the participants learn everything worth knowing about the design and unique horological features of a Lange watch, as well as the history, philosophy and cultural environment of A. Lange & Söhne. The first stage – called “Lange Ambassador” – imparts basic information and turns the participants into ambassadors for the brand. The knowledge acquired during the second stage enables them to act as a “Lange Coach” and pass on what they know to others. Those who complete the third and final stage leave the Academy as “Lange Experts”.