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How does that headline go again? Men are more faithful than you’d think – we’ve never known one leave his IWC. The bad news for all the women who have a problem with the statement is that IWC has just brought out two more models on which men of taste and means can lavish their sincerest and most lasting affections.

The good news for men is that the power watch line from Schaffhausen – best known by the abbreviation GST – is all set to consolidate its position. After the two GST chronographs, the Automatic Alarm, the Aquatimer (water and pressure-resistant to 2000 m) and the unmatched Deep One with its mechanical depth meter, it was clearly time for a split-seconds chronograph that would allow the user to record a second or intermediate time. This is precisely what we have now: a sports watch which is immediately recognizable by the third push-button at the 10 o’clock position. A feature that has been improved and refined by IWC to the point of being patent-worthy, the splitseconds mechanism not only makes the chronograph a lot more fun but will be a source of pleasure to connoisseurs and fans of exclusive, sporty looking instruments designed for precision timekeeping. A time machine designed for men who are used to having everything under control: seven hands, day and date displays and three chronograph push-buttons.

Other men, who have neither the need nor the desire to record the exact time of the runner-up in the third race but simply enjoy thinking in more expansive terms, may well be drawn by the GST Perpetual Calendar, the chronograph that comes with a mechanical calendar programmed until the year 2499. The watch gives its owner an unimpeded view of the moon – or at least its current phase – together with day, date and month displays as well as the year in four digits. This model, however, has only two instead of the three chronograph buttons. The two new models, initially available in a titanium and two steel versions with a choice of dials, come with all the features you would expect of a modern IWC sports watch. These include a tough case, an integrated, patented metal bracelet with folding clasp and pushbutton release, a non-reflective sapphire glass and a high level of water-resistance. Made to withstand the rigours of everyday life and designed for individuals who find fulfilment in their professions and define their limits in sporting challenges.

The GST line bears the unmistakable signature of the Ingenieur line, and the meticulous attention to detail is immediately apparent, whether you are looking at the watch for the second or one-hundredth time. Developed in line with the maxim that functionality is all, the line is a clear successor to the watches created for IWC by F. A. Porsche and whose technological sophistication brought the company a number of world records.