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Landmark creationBREITLING AEROSPACE AVANTAGE - Peerless functionality

For BREITLING, the desire for innovation is second nature. Since its founding in 1884, the firm has made its mark on watchmaking history through an impressive number of inventions. Some of them, such as chronograph pushpieces, have even been adopted by the profession as a whole. The AEROSPACE chronograph is one of these landmark creations. At the time of its launch, the exemplary functionality of this model made it an instant favorite among pilots and other world travelers.

With the new AEROSPACE AVANTAGE, BREITLING has not merely maintained the characteristics that have made this model so successful; the chronograph has also undergone a significant aesthetic and technical evolution. Now in a slightly larger size than the original model, the AEROSPACE AVANTAGE reveals even tauter and more ergonomic lines. The titanium case remains one of its main assets: a commonly-used material in cutting-edge aviation, this metal is renowned for its extreme lightness. But the real strength of the AEROSPACE lies above all in the careful choice and the organization of its multiple functions, and particularly their user-friendly logic. Chronograph, countdown timer, second timezone and alarm are activated and controlled by the crown: all the desired operations can be performed by simply rotating it, pressing it, or pulling it out.

While the readability of the AEROSPACE has done much to contribute to its peerless functionality, the new AVANTAGE version goes a step further by offering a display backlighting system. A slight rotation of the crown lights them up and thus enables one to use the functions even in total darkness. The sturdy and practical AEROSPACE AVANTAGE is also an extremely precise instrument. Its SUPERQUARTZ™ BREITLING Caliber 79 offers a degree of precision ten times superior to that of an ordinary quartz movement. It features an audible time indication function that can be activated by simply pressing the crown. The case is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 ft) and is fitted with a sapphire crystal glareproofed both sides. The back is secured with screws and engraved with a graduated scale enabling conversion of the main weights and measures used in aviation. Already recognized as one of the most efficient instruments for professionals from BREITLING, this evolution of the AEROSPACE eloquently illustrates the quest for perfection that drives BREITLING to constantly enhance the performances and the aesthetics of its wrist instruments.