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Very, very cool!The AlpinerX

In 1903, the Alpinists, a group of watchmakers and retailers would collaborate together to decide on the future designs of quality watches. Today, Kickstarter represents the modern equivalent of this collaborative process. In this tradition, Alpina is extending an invitation to Kickstarter community members – the new Alpinists – to give feedback and thoughts about the AlpinerX.

All users will receive their chosen color variant from the 3200 available combinations. Four models will be available at our retailers and the customizable watches will be displayed via the Kickstarter campaign. This outdoors smartwatch uses advanced measurement functions benefiting from environmental sensors, including UV, temperature, altitude, pressure and direction.

The functions are measured in real time and displayed digitally, along with time, date, activity, chronograph and multiple timekeeping functions, as well as other smartwatch functions. Conceived and designed in our manufacture in Geneva, the AlpinerX will be launched on Kickstarter.