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A new dimensionOne watch – 7 time zones

The Renaissance “7 Time Zones” is a new mechanical Aerowatch model that in addition to local time also displays the time in 6 of the world's major cities. The concept of this exceptional timepiece is the brainchild of Fred-Eric Bolzli, horological engineer and co-proprietor of the family-owned Aerowatch company.

The “7 Time Zones” by Aerowatch is a mechanical timekeeping instrument with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. With this creation, Aerowatch has definitely reasserted itself as a key contender in the small community of innovative and independent Jura-based watchmaking companies.

The movement of the “7 Time Zones” model, the Swiss company's latest icon, is integrated in a renaissance-style case that reflects the historic conventions of symmetry and proportion. Based on a manually wound Unitas caliber, the watch displays local time plus the hour in six further time zones.

Its satin-finished stainless steel case has a diameter of 44.00 mm that emphasizes the persuasive prominence of the “7 Time Zones” model. To match the case, the silver dial has been endowed with a sunburst finish that reflects incident light and contrasts against the six black 24-hour subsidiary dials. The watch is eminently legible. A pusher at 10 o'clock makes it possible to conveniently set the hands to local time at the owner's current location. The displays of the subsidiary dials remain unaffected. This adjustment is needed only when the owner travels across time zones.

The lavishly finished movement reflects state-of-the-art craftsmanship. On the movement side, the plate is decorated with Geneva striping, accentuated with the vibrant gloss of blued screws. The rose-gold-plated ratchet wheel and crown wheel are skeletonized with a whirlwind motif that enriches this timepiece with avant-garde panache.

Contrary to other multiple-time-zone watches, the “7 Time Zones” offers unparalleled convenience for frequent flyers and people who communicate on a global scale. The fine-tipped hands precisely indicate the time on each of the subsidiary dials. And users who often make telephone calls across time zones will appreciate the 24-hour format that tells them whether it is day or night at the other end of the line. This feature offers genuine added value.

Available exclusively through authorized Aerowatch dealers, the “7 Time Zones” is a unique timepiece with an exceptionally competitive price. So now, fasten your seatbelts: the journey through time can begin.


For centuries, every region and every city had its own local time, more or less based on its longitude. As long-distance transportation gained significance, and particularly with the advent of railways, the need for a unified timekeeping system became obvious. In 1884, the attendees of the International Meridian Conference in Washington resolved to divide the planet into 24 time zones, each spanning one hour or 15 degrees of longitude, and to define Greenwich as the location of the prime meridian. The system was gradually adopted by all of the world's countries.