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At the forefront of designing for womenBASELWORLD 2017: Bulova Rubaiyat Collection celebrates empowered Femininity

With a storied history that spans more than 140 years, Bulova has consistently been an industry leader, a game-changing innovator, a true American classic…and at the forefront of designing for women.

Legend has it that in 1924, Bulova unveiled its first full line of ladies’ wristwatches, many with diamond accents; seven years prior to that, its first ladies’ watch. Today, Bulova proudly announces the introduction of the regal Rubaiyat Collection to honour our first expression of a lady’s timepiece.

A Legendary Heritage Reinvented

Rubaiyat, a name with poetic significance and sensuality, was chosen by Bulova in 1917 for its first-ever woman’s timepiece. Now a hundred years in the making, the Rubaiyat heritage has been reinvented. Fusing modern design aesthetics with deep roots of regal craftsmanship, the Rubaiyat Collection masterfully articulates and celebrates each pillar of empowered femininity—seductive beauty, quiet strength, delicate fluidity and freedom of self-expression.

Presenting the Rubaiyat Collection

For its Basel 2017 debut, the Rubaiyat Collection consists of 12 stunning timepieces. Each one is beautifully adorned with individually hand-set diamonds, unique cabochon-crown placement at the focal 12 o’clock position to echo the original design, and a choice of stainless, gold-tone and rose gold-tone cases and bracelets as well as elegant leather straps lined with sophisticated colour accents. Punctuating each case back is the hallmark Goddess of Time insignia, gracefully alluding to the poetic sensuality of both the legend and today’s empowered woman. Collection pricing starts at UK £399.

Reinforcing the extravagance of this collection are deluxe limited-edition styles embellished with a spectacular halo of more than a carat of dazzling diamonds and coloured sapphires in rose, blue or blush tones, and straps made of exotic skins. These are sure to be a crowning achievement of any aficionado’s precious timepiece collection.