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Diving watches since 1969BASELWORLD 2016: The ALPINA Seastrong Diver Heritage

The Seastrong Diver Heritage is a contemporary interpretation of the first Alpina diving watch. In 1969, the Seastrong had already incorporated all the specific technical constraints relating to scuba diving, then still in its early days.

It distinguished itself by its “Super Compax” water-resistance technology and its double screw-lock crown, that is still featured in its current version. The 4 o’clock crown controls winding and time-setting, while the one at 2 o’clock rotates the inner bezel ring that measures dive times. This information so vital to divers is protected from inadvertent handling by being fitted inside the case. It is visible through a glass box, which in this new model reflecting the 1969 original is nonetheless made of sapphire crystal rather than hesalite, making it complex to produce but equally spectacular to look at.