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Iconic timepiece in sapphire blueBASELWORLD 2016 Preview: MeisterSinger presents its classic No. 01 with a new dial

MeisterSinger creates very special watches – for people who know what is important to them. These unusual timepieces indicate the passing of time with one single hour hand and are built with meticulous care as highly sophisticated technical instruments.

Their concise typography is ideally balanced to match the clearly readable markers and the color of the dial makes every glance an aesthetic pleasure. The No. 01 model is now available with an expressively colored dial. As the “original MeisterSinger”, it has been the flagship of the brand since 2001. So what could be better than to develop a version of this iconic timepiece in a vibrant shade of sapphire blue that has already been extremely popular on other watches in the MeisterSinger range? Finished with a finely burnished sunburst effect that makes the light appear to rotate in changing shades around the dial, this blue evidently matches, better than any other color, the MeisterSinger wearers’ sense of time. With its needle-shaped hour hand precisely pointing to the five-minute markers, the No. 01 tells the wearer what he needs to know at a glance.

In its stainless steel case, a manually wound Swiss movement ensures great accuracy. Its owner simply needs to supply it with new energy once a day – and with every glance at the blue, shim-mering dial, that soon becomes a pleasant daily ritual for many.