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Aviator Professional Automatic EditionBASELWORLD 2015: The perfect flight instrument

Man has always nurtured the dream of flight. The story of the Aviator is intimately tied to this dream, yet its mission is to do more than equip heroes of the skies since it also aims to accompany them on the ground too. The pilot watches in the Professional line stand out for their functionality, precision and reliability.

Enclosed in a simple case, the dial has the look of flight instruments inside the cockpit. Oversized pushers allow pilots to operate the chronograph while wearing thick gloves, while the different colours – red and black – ensure they can be instantly told apart in urgent situations.

Everything about this watch has been designed to make the pilot's job easier, beginning with the Valjoux 7750 movement, unanimously acknowledged as one of the most reliable and most precise chronographs in the world, or the cuff-style wristband that can be adjusted for wearing over gloves.