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Director Baume & Mercier Design StudioAlexandre Peraldi comments on the newest renditions in time from Baume & Mercier

With a 182-year history, Baume & Mercier is steeped with a rich heritage and incredible watchmaking prowess. The brand has long been known for consistently being on the cutting edge – offering innovative thinking, top-quality craftsmanship and timepieces that are truly timeless. This year is no exception. 

In fact, Baume & Mercier is now entrenched in an exciting new chapter of global expansion based on the brand’s rich and dynamic territory of seaside living and life’s important moments. Founded on a 360-degree vision representing a consistent, whole-hearted reinforcement of the brand’s core DNA and philosophy, this arena embraces the concept of life’s best times: casual, relaxing moments; family moments; relationships -- all with the alluring backdrop of seaside living at its best. The emotionally impactful campaign captures the essence of sharing, of celebrations and of timelessness – all values of the Baume & Mercier brand since its inception in 1830. 

TW: Baume & Mercier’s territory – seaside living in the Hamptons –embodies a state of mind, as well as a feeling and picture-postcard-perfect landscapes. How do the new Linea and Capeland watches carry forth this spirit?

Alexandre Peraldi: Each of these new pieces is an aesthetically beautiful statement. The Linea model embodies elements of relaxed sophistication and a well-adapted lifestyle with its warm tones and versatile interchangeable bracelet system. The Capeland watch has an adventurous soul, especially with the added functions of telemetric and tachometric scales, features that further indicate individualistic spirit and style.

TW: Both watches are inspired by vintage pieces: the Linea by a watch from the late 1980’s and the Capeland by a historic piece from the 1940’s. Why did you select these eras to reinterpret?

Alexandre Peraldi: First, for the Linea timepiece, the 1980’s was not that long ago, and yet is a time rich with the advancement of women, women’s rights, and of femininity and fashions. It is the perfect era to recall for women of today, women who have come into their own rights as individuals and who know what they want in a timepiece. For the Capeland model, the 1940s recalls a spirit of a return to family values after the war. The desire for form and function in this era made it a desirable time. Bringing these attributes of the era, which are so in line with Baume & Mercier’s core philosophy, to the forefront in a timepiece today makes sense. 

TW: You opted to offer the women’s automatic Linea model with both a metal bracelet and satin strap, how do you feel each of these options changes the timepiece?

Alexandre Peraldi: The metal bracelet is a beautiful, supple bracelet that caresses the wrist. It seems the perfect look for business or weekend sporty chic activities. The alluring satin strap dresses the watch up so it easily goes to boardroom or to evening elegance. Versatility is really important to women and Baume & Mercier addresses that need.

TW: The men’s emblematic Capeland watch remarkably recalls the brand’s storied past. Were you concerned about any risks when you reinterpreted this 1940’s style for modern life?

Alexandre Peraldi: The most important thing to be aware of when reinterpreting the past for today, is making a watch that will also be timeless tomorrow. We had to be sure the proportions of the case are in keeping with today’s needs and lifestyles, and also that the movement reflect today’s technology.

TW: Can you share a sneak-peek, or other information, on any of the rest of the new 2012 timepieces?

Alexandre Peraldi: They will further embody the brand’s dynamic spirit, its commitment to capturing special moments, while always recalling a rich heritage.