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Minute repeater and world timerThe Patek Philippe World Time Minute Repeater ref. 5531R

In July 2017, on the occasion of its fourth Grand Exhibition, Patek Philippe launched the world premiere of the 5531R World Time Minute Repeater, a limited series of 10 watches. Today, this model forms an integral part of the brand's collection.

It combines two grandes complications dear to Patek Philippe: the minute repeater and world time. As a result, this new timepiece boasts a world time minute repeater that always chimes the local time wherever you are, unlike other watches of this type, which chime the time in your home country. Equipped with the new R 27 HU caliber, entirely manufactured in-house, the wearer of this masterpiece can set the hour strike to the nearest second, using the 24-hour display of the world time mechanism. Beyond the sheer watchmaking achievement, the process itself has been patented. And for the first time on a Patek Philippe minute repeater, the gongs are affixed to the case middle, not to the movement plate, resulting in incomparable acoustic quality.