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99-piece limited editionPreview BASELWORLD 2017: The Race Red Oz

For its first model inspired by the world of racing tracks, and in particular the legendary Nascar racing circuit and its rebellious 1950s spirit, ArtyA treats itself to the luxury of a world premiere: the time is visible only when the watch is in motion.

The wheel rim topping the dial creates an optical effect when it is spinning at full speed, revealing a play of transparency across the display surface. In another excusive innovation, the hub of the wheel rim runs right through the dial and even the sapphire crystal, thereby guaranteeing perfect water resistance. This construction makes it possible to actually touch the wheel rim and feel it turning beneath your fingers. On the caseback side, the Race Red Oz reveals another new feature: a tachometer-shaped carbon fibre oscillating weight, whose rotations create a striking mirror effect with the dial animation.