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Limited edition of 50 piecesBASELWORLD 2016: The HYT Skull Bad Boy

HYT piles on innovative concepts and enjoys shattering established conventions. This Skull Bad Boy embodies the essence of HYT in a provocative, unique model based on a strong concept backed by the fluid mechanics that have become the brand signature.

Giving a skull shape to this tube measuring less than one millimetre in diameter was a daunting challenge, mainly due to the four angles adopted by the capillary – two of which form an almost 90° right angle with its base. The opaque black liquid took around 12 months to develop. Like the four other colours developed by HYT, the black version has its own properties relating to its viscosity, expansion coefficient and UV resistance. For the first time, the skull is made from Damascus steel, an ancestral technique creating a mottled pattern that makes each model unique.

The buffed alligator leather strap features scales in graded shades that are different on each watch in this 50-piece limited edition.