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GIRARD-PERREGAUX shows an art objectBASELWORLD 2016: The 1966 Skeleton is a fascinating maze

The new 1966 Skeleton invites us on an enchanted journey into the mechanics of time. The large 13¼ lignes (30 mm) movement has been skeletonised with the stylistic imperative of creating a perfect visual balance.

The contrast between the rhodium-plated gear train and the anthracite treatment chosen for the plate and bridges is an exhortation to travel deeper into this fascinating labyrinth. Inert matter springs to life, organs breathe, and suddenly we are confronted with the details of this meticulous staging – chamfering, drawing, polishing and satin-brushing – all hand-executed by skilled artisan-watchmakers.

Time becomes a pretext to reveal the mechanical watch as a piece of art, in which the 173 parts are akin to the brushstrokes of an old master.