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Exclusive timepieces by ANDERSEN GENEVE BASELWORLD 2016: The Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary

The world time complication is among the specialities proposed by Andersen Genève. For 25 years, the brand has perpetuated the legacy of Louis Cottier, who in 1930 created the first World Time watch. The system has remained identical ever since: a ring around the dial is inscribed with city names.

Another concentric ring is graduated over 24 hours. The watch's second crown is used to align each city with its corresponding hour. Andersen Genève manufactures and never ceases to perfect this world-time module. The centre of the Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary is in blue gold with a hand-guilloché pattern. A hallmark of Andersen Genève, this 21K gold contains tiny iron particles which, when oxidised, impart a unique blue colour. The same distinctive gold is used to craft the hand-guilloché oscillating weight of this soberly beautiful watch.