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Perpetuating Les Métiers d’ArtUlysse Nardin showcases its masterpieces

Ulysse Nardin brought enameling and Les Métiers d’Art in its collection back to the forefront over 25 years ago. Here, tradition touches innovation, merging the excellence of in-house dials with the rare, centuries-old art of enameling and classical styling.

Glorious by glorious detail, watch faces erupt in realism, accented by bursting color and striking finishes. Created by a few and cherished by many, the artwork dial – is void of any modern technology.

Summary of the 2015 Classico collection of masterpieces.


Saluting the wondrous world of maritime history, Ulysse Nardin honors the Kruzenshtern in its enamel cloisonné timepiece. Limited Edition of 30 pieces.

Birds and Flowers – Cherries.

In this piece of art, using the acrylic painting technique, the intricate and beautiful image features birds on branches of cherry trees. Limited Edition of 8 pieces.


Ulysse Nardin evolves its collection with this "Year of the Goat" timepiece. A lifelike depiction of the goat in enamel champlevé. Limited Edition of 88 pieces.

Pheasants and Flowers.

Inspired by a Chinese painting, the hand painted dial depicts a very lively pheasant with brilliant and intensive colors, yet with a background of rocks and flowers. Limited Edition of 8 pieces.