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Bernie EcclestoneHublot

The 2 Million Euro’s BB unique pieceHublot bring a sparkle to the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

Thursday 26 of May 2011, in the paddock of the most glamorous Grand Prix of the F1™ season, Mr Bernie Ecclestone, President of Formula One Management joins Mrs Tina Zegg from ZEGG & CERLATI for the presentation of one of the most expensive jewellery timepieces ever created, the spectacular 2 Million Euro’s BB.

More than 140 carats, 637 baguette diamonds, a tourbillon movement to appeal to more expert eyes, the 2 Million Euro’s BB is a unique piece, a one-off, an even more audacious master stroke. Its creation required 45 gemcutters and 2,000 hours of work by master-gemsetters.
This unique timepiece has just arrived in Monaco for the Grand Prix and is available exclusively from ZEGG & CERLATI, Place de Casino, Monaco.