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Frank M. RinderknechtCarl F. Bucherer

One car – two types of mobilityCarl F. Bucherer on board the UC? from Rinspeed

Following on from the versatile “iChange”, Rinspeed’s big news at this year’s Geneva Motor Show is the railroad-compatible “UC?” Carl F. Bucherer is not only backing Frank M. Rinderknecht’s latest project and the values central to his work – innovation, sustainability and passion – but has also supplied a Manufacture movement for the concept car.

Over 30 years ago, Frank M. Rinderknecht decided to make his boyhood dreams come true and satisfy his search for the ultimate vehicle by creating cars of his own that would achieve cult status. He started out tuning and customizing luxury cars for a clientele to whom money was no object and had soon established a unique reputation. At the same time, Rinspeed carved out a niche for itself with the production of concept cars and limited series. He realized at an early stage that the way forward in the automobile sector – as in others – was closely bound up with sustainability and new approaches to mobility.

Common philosophy, new project

Cars that can drive under water; cars with transparent bodywork; cars that metamorphose from one- to three-seaters: the concept cars developed by Frank M. Rinderknecht are a new, exciting interpretation of mobility. They are the work of an individual who goes his own way, undeterred – much like Carl F. Bucherer, the founder of the Lucerne-based watchmaking company of the same name.

For company CEO Thomas Morf, this was one of the reasons for supporting Frank M. Rinderknecht and his latest project. “Once again, the “UC?” stands for change, forward-looking technology and passion on a grand scale. It’s this wealth of new, innovative ideas and concepts that makes Rinspeed so fascinating,” says Thomas Morf. Perhaps even more important, though, is the philosophy shared by Carl F. Bucherer and Rinspeed: that of taking sophisticated technology, firstclass materials and unconventional design, and distilling them into conceptually compelling products that exude innovation and progress.

Railroad-compatible electric car for series production. At the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Frank M. Rinderknecht is lifting the wraps on an electrically powered vehicle known as “UC?”, which stands simply for Urban Commuter. You see? The UC? bristles with smart, innovative features. Thanks to its length of just 2.5 meters (just over 8 feet), it will help reduce jams in urban traffic. Apart from being a car, the UC? is also an incredibly versatile mobility concept. For longdistance journeys, it is equipped with a sophisticated system that allows the car and its passengers to transfer to the railroad. Which could mean that stress-free travel and unnecessary energy consumption are the reality of the future. The railroad-compatible UC? could well be the first concept car from Rinspeed to go into series production and be manufactured by leading carmakers.

Carl F. Bucherer movement featured in UC?

The fact Rinspeed and Carl F. Bucherer share a common philosophy and work actively together is evidenced by the UC?’s interior. The dashboard is transparent and integrates a painstakingly skeletonized Carl F. Bucherer-manufactured movement. To show off the components in this mechanical gem to their best advantage, the movement is housed in a Plexiglas case without a dial. The time – in hours and minutes – is indicated by the hands characteristic of the Patravi collection. At the same time, the movement embodies the credo that underlies the UC?: first-class Swiss quality and innovation coupled with an unending quest for perfection.