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Art by LIU Bolin

BASELNEWS 2010Oris watches and LIU Bolin: a new partnership in art

Swiss watch brand Oris has worked on an exciting project exploring the concept of time with emerging Chinese artist LIU Bolin.  The result is a series of stunning and thought provoking artworks, which will be presented at Baselworld 2010. Oris is known for its sponsorship in the field of music.  Now Oris’ engagement in culture has evolved to include the intriguing and compelling world of contemporary art.

LIU Bolin’s work represents contemporary but timeless emotions.  His work looks at how we, as individuals, fit into the world we’ve created.  Our technological age has provided a particularly rich source of inspiration. In many of his works LIU Bolin is painted to be ‘hidden’ and becomes an almost unseen but integral part of each work he creates.  He is inextricably linked to the environment. LIU Bolin’s work is immediately accessible, due to his use of everyday settings and familiar situations.  However, each piece has a depth that warrants further investigation.

LIU Bolin: “I am very happy about this work with Oris about the spirit, the concept of time. Time and the human element are essential to my art and they are essential to Oris so this really is a great partnership.” With this new partnership in art, Oris also introduces its new concept of ‘Real watches for real people’.