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More than 2000 guestsBaume & Mercier partner of Photo's 40th Anniversary evening

More than 2000 guests got together at the Domaine de Longchamp to celebrate the 40th anniversary of PHOTO Magazine alongside Eric Colmet-d’Aage and Agnès Grégoire. For the occasion, Baume & Mercier – the evening's privileged partner – joined forces with Arnaud Baumann to offer guests an imitate area where they could isolate themselves to exhibit better. Arnaud Baumann's ambition for over two years with his White Room has been to realise in this nomadic studio a portrait of our society through the "tribes" that make it up.

A question is asked in each White Room relating to the group concerned:  "Where does music come from" on summer festivals, "What are you dreaming of?"  at the Cannes Festival, "What would life be like without books?" at the Book Trade Show… For PHOTO's 40th anniversary, the question is: "What were you doing/What will you be doing for your 40th birthday?" A photographic portrait in total intimacy with Arnaud Baumann.