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Susi Erdmann

BASELNEWS: The Arctic Challenge with Susi Erdmann

Whether in the arctic, the desert, or the ocean, the robust timepieces of the Timemaster series by Chronoswiss really get around. The sporty Timemaster has proven itself once again, this time as a poised companion for Susi Erdmann. An athlete holding several world champion titles in luge and two-man bobsledding, she had the opportunity to prove herself during an arctic decathlon in Canada’s Yukon. The brand-new Timemaster 24 D/N Blueray with its 24-hour dial and one-of-a-kind bright blue SuperLumiNova luminous coating offers optimal legibility any time of the day or night—and looks cool doing it.

During the „Arctic Challenge” Susi Erdmann and other participants—including amateurs and VIPs such as Freddy Bobic, Magdalena Brzeska, and Joey Kelly—competed in mountain biking, ice skating, and cross country running (15 km). The agenda also included arctic specialty disciplines such as dogsled racing and tracking. The real challenge, though, was the weather: temperature fluctuations of 40° C (from +9° C to a bitter cold -38° C) put both the body and its stamina to the test. These circumstances made functional clothing an absolute must, so it is handy that the Timemaster’s extra-long strap can easily be worn over arctic sports clothing—giving Susi Erdmann a clear view of the time without exposing her wrist to the elements.

Even though the Olympian’s team landed in third place—wholeheartedly embracing the sportsman’s motto “being there is half the fun!”—the robust Timemaster sports watch once again rose to the challenge.