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For outstanding product designMeisterSinger wins Red Dot Award

The Münster-based watch manufacturer MeisterSinger has been presented with yet another coveted award for the design of one of its single-hand watches.

In addition to winning the iF Design Award, the Adhaesio, which shows the time in two different time zones as well as the date, has now also received the prestigious Red Dot Award 2016 for outstanding product design. With this award, the 14-person jury, comprising trade journalists and design professors, honored the outstanding degree of design expertise embodied in the Adhaesio, which the jurors judged in the blue version.

When designing the Adhaesio, MeisterSinger founder and designer Manfred Brassler remained true to the display principle of his single-hand watches, using a single hour hand to indicate the time on easily readable minute markers and typographically well designed indices. Two perfectly balanced disks rotate within the dial of the Adhaesio. Below the “12” they clearly display not only the date, but also the time in a second time zone on a 24-hour scale, which the wearer can personally select, enabling the Adhaesio to precisely indicate local time using just one single hand.

The information is also displayed in contrasting colors. The center and the outer edge of the dial with the minute markers of the award-winning Adhaesio are colored dark blue with a sunburst finish. The two disks are designed with blue and black digits respectively on a white background.

This year, the international jury of the Red Dot Award examined and discussed 5,214 products, which were submitted from 57 different countries. The fact that the design of the Adhaesio was considered to be outstanding is further affirmation of MeisterSinger’s design ideals.