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Cameron Diaz proudly displayed the new Link LadyBASELWORLD 2012: Cameron Diaz is newest brand ambassador of TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer’s newest brand ambassador Cameron Diaz appeared before delighted international press on the Rhine river banks the night before the opening of BaselWorld. Welcomed on stage by thunderous applause, she proudly displayed the new Link Lady.

“I am thrilled to be here in Switzerland to be a part of the launch of the Link Lady” said Cameron Diaz. “Throughout my career, I have been very selective about aligning myself with brands. I love the fact that TAG Heuer challenges the rules and thinks outside the box and I’m honoured to be associated with such an iconic and forward-thinking brand”.

Cameron now joins the highly exclusive circle of TAG Heuer Ambassadors: alongside Maria Sharapova, she will champion timepieces dedicated to women, whilst Leonardo DiCaprio, who needs no further introduction, with Formula 1 World Champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, Chen Dao Ming in China and Shah Rukh Khan in India, will support the models for men. Worthy heirs of Steve McQueen, they all have the ability to defy the rules and defy conventions, to fight for a cause and challenge their own values and assumptions; free-minded and rebellious to the very core, they give time new look, a new allure. Like TAG Heuer, they are pioneers, all in their own unique way. With her unorthodox body of work challenging every principle in the making of a star, Cameron Diaz is dangerously more than just a sexy blonde. Her partnership with TAG Heuer was therefore a given.

On her wrist the totally feminine Link Lady, the newest and most elegant of the TAG Heuer range. “I have been a fan of the TAG Heuer brand for many years.  When they showed me the design for the Link Lady, I thought it was the perfect evolution of timeless watchmaking and iconic designs, all reinterpreted with glamour and elegance for a modern woman”. The case is a little round pebble, refined and delicate. The bracelet is inspired by the iconic LINK bracelet with its S-shaped links. The dials come in several colours and the edges feature a light undulating concentric guilloché. Finally, as Cameron Diaz likes to point out, this is much more than a watch, it is a piece of jewellery.

During the evening, the guests had an opportunity to discover Diamond Star, a Haute Couture version of the Link Lady. This timepiece holds a place in the range that is akin to the wedding dress on the catwalk: it is the sublime expression of inspirational design. The automatic movement floats in space, the oscillating mass executes a skilfully choreographed ballet and the diamonds are like shooting stars flickering in the rich stellar skies of the Galaxy. The dial and the case back seem to dissolve, allowing the designer to revel in creating this celestial dance.

Ms. Diaz’s partnership with TAG Heuer will also serve to benefit and raise awareness for programs that empower women, including UN Women.  “I am deeply appreciative that TAG Heuer shares my desire to support women who are not free to pursue even the most basic goals, simply because of their gender. And announcing our partnership on the eve of International Women’s Day makes it even more significant," said Diaz.