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TrustedWatch: Both compulsory and optional at the same time for the watch industry and watch tradeWatch brands and watch manufacturers believe in TrustedWatch

Over the last few months, there has been virtually not one week during which a current watch manufacturer not yet affiliated with TrustedWatch did not seek collaboration and cooperation with the largest German speaking watch portal. Like no other medium of the watch industry and watch trade, TrustedWatch with its offers in German and English, has succeeded to consistently enthuse more and more people to purchase wrist watches and luxury watches online and to link these sustainably to the information pack issued by TrustedWatch. Today, the public ranges from the inexperienced first-timers to watch collectors and watch enthusiasts up to the professional public and industry insiders who receive the newest information on watches from all over the world on a daily basis.

Even decision makers from the watch industry and watch trade have not overlooked this positive development. TrustedWatch is the first choice for virtually all who are involved in the watch industry, if it comes to making news and information available quickly and to a broad audience. Virtually all watch brands, watch manufacturers and watch makers regularly provide information to TrustedWatch.  Therefore, editorial staff of TrustedWatch process the most recent press releases daily, write articles and reports on current developments, product news and trends of the watch industry and convey an open overall view on the watch industry and watch trade to users like no other medium.
TrustedWatch is not only first choice for many users when it comes to information. The international watch market, meanwhile in over 20 languages, is also frequented more and more by potential watch buyers and is on the way to becoming Number One internationally. At the same time, the watch market is useful as a serious price barometer for many specialist retailers, appraisers and experts. Due to the unique link between information and offered watches, TrustedWatch connects the topic information with the topic safely purchase watches online.

Ahead in search engines

Due to the high number of qualified articles, coverage and reports, so called content, TrustedWatch frequently comes up under the first three displayed hits with all search engines, in particularly Google with a lot of search terms from the topic “watch“.  This results in a high number of new visitors daily who are all interested in watches. This is especially relevant as according to many current studies these days, most watch buyers carry out online research before buying a product. That is to say: Those who are purchasing new or second-hand watches, undertake a search on the internet (google).

For watch brands and watch manufacturers this means that in these times of internet they are expected to make a competent online presence in order to reach target groups preferably without coverage waste due to non-selective marketing. Thus, TrustedWatch has not only become a must for virtually all watch brands in these times of the internet but it is becoming more and more the only option! Or as explained by Managing Director Frank Amman: “When we started the TrustedWatch project nobody imagined that we would get established in the industry so quickly and with so much success. For me, the collaboration with virtually all watch manufacturers is very constructive and I am delighted to be able to improve the international position of TrustedWatch in the coming years. The future of the watch industry is on the Internet!“